Equipment Simulators

METECS is developing a line of equipment simulators by utilizing our extensive simulation and training system experience.

By leveraging our broad 3D graphics and dynamics modeling capabilities, METECS is developing equipment simulators to support training as well as to provide a means for manufacturers to demonstrate and market new capabilities to their clients. These simulators provide an immersive experience which accurately models equipment performance in response to operator actions and interactions between the machine and the environment. Training capabilities will range from basic familiarization to complex tasks involving numerous steps and safety hazards to prepare operators for real-world situations. Application areas include construction, farming, material handling, forestry, and oil and gas. These simulators will provide a cost-effective alternative to using actual equipment which:

  • Reduces risk to equipment and personnel
  • Decreases fuel usage and maintenance costs
  • Increases training opportunities to learn and practice complex operating techniques
  • Enhances the ability to measure operator safety and productivity
  • Provides a portable solution decreasing the need for operators to travel to dedicated training sites

This video presents a sampling of METECS Equipment Simulation capabilities. The other videos show simulators recently developed for clients. Based on customer training requirements, and budget, some simulators incorporate cockpit hardware from the actual machine, while others employ “off the shelf” joysticks and input devices. METECS can design a simulator to fit your requirements and resource allocations.

Additional Examples