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Our engineering and creative teams will seamlessly integrate XR technology into your training, sales, and development processes.

METECS Collaboration Platform

METECS XR offers a proprietary platform to rapidly streaming data between users, facilitating interactive multi-user environments across the globe. 

Hardware Integration

We can integrate a diverse range of hardware devices and networks protocols (IoT, CAN, etc.).  Seamlessly incorporate your product or equipment directly into your XR training experience for the most realistic environment possible.  

Selected Case Study: Ditch Witch

Utilizing cutting-edge technologies like Metecs Coati Collaborative for a shared VR environment and mCan for realistic interaction, the simulator provided an unparalleled experience.  

We integrated product hardware seamlessly with drilling simulations to create a “Digital Twin” for fully immersive training.  

The Ditch Witch simulator disrupted their competition and provided distributors a powerful tool for driving sales.