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METECS offers its customers a high level of expertise in various fields of robotics including simulation, space robotics, and robotics training. Contact us to discuss how we can help with your robotics simulation and analysis needs.

Robotics Simulation

Simulation of robot hardware is an especially strong capability of the METECS team. Working with the Software, Robotics and Simulation division at NASA's Johnson Space Center, METECS has proven itself a leader in the field by accomplishing many tasks in support of Space Station and Space Shuttle robotics simulation support, including:

  • Using NASA's Trick simulator to perform engineering analysis for several International Space Station assembly operations involving the Shuttle Remote Manipulator System (SRMS) and the Space Station Remote Manipulator System (SSRMS).
  • Authoring of several documents related to Trick and Trick-based robotics applications.
  • Prototyping of new Mobile Servicing System simulation model capabilities in the Trick simulation environment including automatic testing software to improve efficiency of MSS simulation model development and verification.
  • Integration of Trick robotics simulations into various hardware in the loop facilities and graphics packages.
  • Development of Trick-based MSS and HTV training simulations to be used by the Systems Engineering Simulator, Virtual Reality Lab, and Dynamic Skills Trainers.

Space Robotics

An astronaut at the end of the Space Station robotic arm known as Canadarm2.

An astronaut at the end of the Space Station robotic arm known as Canadarm2.

The METECS team has in depth knowledge of NASA robotic systems gained from development, integration, test and simulation of ISS robotics systems such as SSRMS, RWS, and SPDM. Our experience includes supporting life-cycle stages of flight hardware and software from concept prototyping to development of systems requirements, preliminary design, detailed design, manufacture, integration & test, and acceptance.

We also have expertise in rigid body dynamics and automatic control systems and are proficient at dealing with issues related to sensor model development, software integration, configuration management, and version delivery.

Lastly, our space robotics experience includes providing support for real-time test facilities including integration and test of a Trick SSRMS simulation model with the 6 DOF platform at Marshall Space Flight Center and avionics test facilities including testing of ISS GN&C avionics integration with the MSS.



A screenshot of a training simulation for the robotic capture of the H-II Transfer Vehicle (HTV).

A screenshot of a training simulation for the robotic capture of the H-II Transfer Vehicle (HTV).

Training is a critical component to the successful operation of robotics hardware and particularly so in human spaceflight. Our capabilities with robotics simulation put us in a strong position to support robotic training simulators.

Our experience in this area includes:

  • Integration of NASA robotic simulations with Virtual Reality graphics for various training facilities.
  • Support of training sessions using Trick/DOUG sims in the Virtual Reality lab.
  • Performance of systems engineering and integration for Robotics On-Board Trainer(ROBOT) and SAFER On-Board Trainer (SOT) GFE flight projects.
  • Design of system architecture for the Trick-based MSS simulation, the Dynamic Skills Trainers (DST), ROBOT, and SOT.
  • Integration of the first Trick-based MSS and HTV training simulation to be used by NASA's SES Training Simulators, Virtual Reality Lab, and Dynamic Skills Trainers (DSTs).



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