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METECS personnel are among the pioneers of flexible multibody dynamics and the current developers and maintainers of MBDyn, the dynamics engine NASA employs to simulate and analyze space robotics, orbital mechanics, constrained motion, and more.


METECS is the developer and maintainer of NASA's MBDyn dynamics engine. MBDyn is an open source, highly optimized, configurable dynamics engine that NASA uses to simulate and analyze rigid and flexible multibody systems. The simulated systems may consist of multiple groups of articulated chain, tree, or closed-loop topologies. Transient topologies are handled with conservation of energy and momentum. The solution for rigid-body systems is exact and several configurable levels of non-linear term fidelity are available for flexible multibody systems. The algorithms have been optimized for efficiency and can be used for both nonreal-time and real-time simulations. Contact METECS to find out how we can leverage MBDyn's years of development and testing to solve your dynamics simulation needs.













MBDyn features:

  • Simulates kinematic, rigid, and flexible systems
  • Easily Configurable
  • Proven accuracy and reliability
  • "Linked List" technology allows for multiple tree or bush/closed-loop topologies
  • Mid-simulation topology changes (i.e. grappling of a tool or another robot)
  • Well-defined software interfaces
  • Integrated with NASA's Trick simulation environment

General Dynamics Services

METECS staff includes engineers with advanced degrees in the fields of system dynamics, controls, vibrations, and other disciplines consistent with the challenging demands of training and analysis simulations. METECS collaborated with NASA to develop the techniques for modeling a variable mass flexible spacecraft as described in the paper Mode Selection Techniques in Variable Mass Flexible Body Modeling (AIAA M&S, 2010). This paper is an example of the types of Dynamics challenges that METECS is equipped to address. Contact METECS to discuss your dynamics simulation requirements.



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