Metecs was founded in 2003 by John MacLean, a robotics engineer with over 16 years of experience supporting the manned space program.

The METECS Team is proud of the work it has performed on various relevant NASA contracts supporting the Space Shuttle, International Space Station, and Constellation programs.  Through efficient and innovative approaches to math model development, simulation analysis, graphics integration, customer support, and task management, METECS has been able to demonstrate its excellence in technical leadership.

METECS has assembled a staff with recognized technical and management experience in the Trick simulation environment, virtual reality (VR) graphics software, graphics modeling, zero-gravity mass handling simulator applications, avionics integration, math models, robotics, systems engineering, and simulation analysis. This breadth of experience spans the Apollo, Space Shuttle, International Space Station (ISS), and Constellation programs.  Individual members of our staff have contributed to the inception, vision, and development of many of the tools and capabilities currently used at NASA's Software Robotics and Simulation division.

METECS personnel have received special recognition indicating their outstanding level of commitment to high performance service. Acknowledgements include NASA’s Exceptional Service Medal, JSC Certificate of Commendation, Presidential Medal of Freedom, NASA Space Act award, Silver Snoopy awards, SR&SD Superior Assistance awards, and numerous Elite Team awards.

A recent and comprehensive past performance evaluation, conducted in 2006 by the independent Dun and Bradstreet organization Open Ratings, returned positive responses (at least 9 out of 10) in every performance measure from 100% of METECS’ customers. Performance measures included reliability, cost, order accuracy, timeliness, quality, business relations, personnel, customer support, responsiveness, and overall performance. Our summary performance rating indicative of likely overall future performance was an outstanding 98 out of 100. This ranked METECS in the top quintile of companies in our SIC group.



MAILING ADDRESS:   P.O. Box 891506  |  Houston, TX 77289-1506
CORPORATE OFFICE:   1030 Hercules Ave  |  Houston, TX 77058  |  Phone: 832.476.8651